herbalist’s guide


It is of utmost importance to remember that each bodily system is its own, and no two will respond in precisely the same manner. Some systems run hot and others cold, some are over-excitable and some tend instead toward lassitude.

The tisanes and remedies listed on this website are made for me primarily, and so are catered to an overactive sympathetic nervous system — more specifically, my overactive sympathetic nervous system. This is not to say they are not suited to others’ use, but it must be noted that many will lean on the use of nervines, which generally work very well for such a system, but which may not be suited to those without such a system. And variances occur further to this, person to person.

Take what you learn here and adapt it your specific needs, as these recipes are never meant to be static and unchanged. Recognise that each person will have different responses to these herbs dependent on their own unique physicality. And as always, when in doubt, ask!