Tycho’s Tearoom

No one who knows me will be surprised that I would write about tea. Tea is my thing – alongside foxes, and reading, and spiderbots – but truly, I never go anywhere without tea. I’ve got satchets in satchels and coat pockets, tins at the office, and an entire tea cabinet of jars at home. My trusty steel mug has followed me daily through nearly a dozen moves and three countries to date.

As you are reading an intro about tea on a page entirely dedicated to tea, I’ll venture to assume that you too are a tea aficionado! What luck for you, then: you will find here descriptions of the very grandest of treasured tearooms the world over, the least and the best known alike. You will find, as well, recipes for teas, tisanes, and tinctures of my own making; they are free for you to enjoy, share, and improve upon as you like!

It is my hope and intention that I have the opportunity to visit each of these tearooms listed in future, but for now I’ll settle – tea in hand, of course – for reading and writing of them instead. If you’d like to follow along for new tearoom featurettes, updates on Tycho’s Tearoom the show, and other tea-relevant news, do consider joining our MAILING LIST and DISCORD.


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