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Marin County is a beautiful place of bounty, settled on the California coast north of San Francisco. It is home to hundreds of thousands of people, sprawling state parks, city commuters, and rich retirees. But there is a new addition to this comfortable community, subtle at first though overwhelmingly virulent: infected, contagious persons who crave flesh.

In a word, zombies.

When quarantine fails, countries close ranks; and the stragglers, few in number, huddle together seeking safety from the diseased. With nowhere to go and limited supplies, what options are left to them?

For those who have a vested interest in Marin County, fans of adventure-horror, and followers of well-dressed giraffes, The Novel (assuredly not the official title) will answer this question and more!

For an early glimpse, look here. To make sassy comments, go here. For a head start down the rabbit hole, try here.


  1. Hi Tycho: Love your web site and really enjoyed connecting with you yesterday! I will be one of the first to read your novel. Regards, Carolyn


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