covid chronicles

SARS-CoV-2, our century’s pandemic.

News of this virus is now everywhere, a shared global fear. Within only a few months it has changed the pace of culture, it has put a stop to normalcy, and it has claimed the lives of thousands. We know this, and are in turns angered, anxious, and resigned to this fact. But while we make the effort to forget the panic for our sanity, we should also make the effort not to forget those who have died, and those whose lives have been irreparably altered by COVID-19.

This is the reason I am making this series, the Covid Chronicles — a real-time journal, if you will, to represent these people who might otherwise become only sterile numbers on paper to the masses. I do not want to forget. Every case I have mapped with the r/CovidMapping team is a person, a friend or relative to someone, a person deserving to be remembered. When the numbers reach hundreds, we try to remember the people; when they have reached thousands, we try not to remember too closely. But I want to remember.

The media has made an attempt to do this, which must be applauded. But by their very nature, they cannot write about everyone; by their nature, they can only choose those who are deemed the most story-worthy. That is not my aim.

I ask instead for you — the friend, the relative, the individual — to submit a paragraph about your experiences, or your memories. Where are you, who are you, and what have you to say? Who have you lost; what have you found? What would you say to someone who can only see the numbers now, instead of the faces?

Kind regards,
TI Pendraig

Remembering the People Behind the Name

Your Neighbour

This is an image of a person who does not exist, but she is representative of someone who has died of COVID-19. She could have been your neighbour, your boss, your best friend, your sister, your wife. She would have had a name, and hobbies and goals.

Your Co-worker

This is an image of a person who does not exist, but he is representative of someone who has recovered from COVID-19. He might be your co-worker, your brother, the man who sat across the train on your daily commute. He has a name, and dreams and fears.

Your friend

This is an image of a person who does not exist, but he is representative of someone else who has died of COVID-19. He might have been your friend, your father, your neighbour. He would have had a name, and plans and anxieties.

Who would you like to be remembered?