the novel :: teaser 2

Thank every deity imaginable for our government dogs. I am no use in a combat situation, and these creatures are not likely to be dissuaded by my little canister of mace. Nelly was amazing today, throwing her considerable strength against the doors to keep them shut while Mr Van Dyke, Miss Kearney, and Mr Lauren stacked pews against them, directed by Matt the engineering wonder-kid. I searched for secondary entrances and weak points of wide windows so that we could barricade those too. Now we are stuck here until morning, listening with dread for the distinct bang of guns.

I can hear more creatures roaming outside: the crashing of bottles being kicked by stumbling feet, the muted shuffling of worn clothing, and heavy, strained gasping. Something is clawing at the front doors, and I have never been so glad for old hardwood as I am now. We are sitting ducks. One-third of the local human population is at risk of extinction as of nine hours ago. These creatures will keep after us until they are dead, until Mr Lauren and Gramma Sykes can pick them off – even those who have followed the promising sounds of gathered prey.

Why do they prefer human flesh? I have witnessed the infected eat fish from restaurant tanks and devour lost dogs who cross their path; they are opportunistic feeders. What, then, is it about humans which they seem to crave? Are we simply the largest prey available? Are they targeting us because we are easily overcome? Or is there something in this sickness which drives them to hunger for a specific type of sustenance – us? Mr Lauren did say they were called the “Wendigo” experiments…