the novel :: teaser 2

The majority of our ragtag group seems to have run out of emotion some time ago, though there are still muffled tears in the late hours. We have had a week to grow accustomed to our new lives as Phase 4 survivors, a week to become accustomed to the fatigue of hyper-vigilance, but that was in the relative safety of a giant concrete Costco. Now we are travelling out in the open; that our first day on the “outside” was so utterly traumatic is neither reassuring nor unexpected.

I wonder how long the ecosystems will last before they collapse. How long might this sickness take to spread to every place on Earth? Birds and marine animals are capable of reaching every place on this planet which humans cannot. Should they prove to be susceptible as humans and lab rats have shown to be, how many decades will it be before Earth is once again habitable?

What have we done?